(VIDEO) This Dog Dad Prompts His Pug to Howl. How She Cleverly Responds? Wow!

pug howl

Hearing our doggies howl can be fun and exciting at times. It's especially more fun and entertaining when we get them to howl for us! Yes, that's right, you can actually train your pooch how to howl! Though we wouldn't recommend it if your dog is already a barker (it may make his barking habit worse, lol) this could be a fun trick to teach Fido to show off to your friends!

Making howl noises and hearing a response back from our doggies is just too much fun! LOL! It can make you feel just like a magical doggy whisperer! You know it's true, ha ha!

Well, this dog dad tries to get his adorable Pug to howl along with him. When you see how the Pug reacts, you won't believe it! LOL!

Will this Pug how along with her owner? You really need to watch this to find out! Her reaction is just too precious!

Watch how this Pug reacts to her dog Dad's howls on this fun video on the next page!

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