(Video) This Dog Does Something Hysterical for Treats and it’s Not What Anyone Would Expect…

dog waiting for treats

One of the more interesting observances about dogs is they are not overly proud animals. We may force them to wear clothes they hate for Halloween, Christmas and other holidays. We may even ask them to do silly tricks before they are fed, even if they want to be fed sooner than later. But, they will wear the clothes and do the tricks because it makes us happy. Oh, and there is usually a small reward involved somewhere too.

The tricks to get their little snack are usually typical. We’ve seen the sit, lay down, shake and roll over.

But you will truly crack up when observing what the cute little pooch over on the next page is asked to do for her snack.

While a part of us wonders if she is feeling a little humiliated, another part of us simply loves it! We are convinced dogs can be taught nearly anything!

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