(Video) This Hilarious Frenchie Compilation Has Me ROFL – It’s Sooo Funny!

Sleeping Frenchie

What is it about some of the things our pooches do that makes us smile or outright laugh at their antics? It can be little things like running after a ball of yarn or it can be something monumental like your dog doing a backflip over the coffee table!

Whatever it is, dogs have been making us feel joy since before video was created. Yet here, in this day and age, we do have videos. Many long and short film clips that really display just how cute, funny, silly, smart and adorable our dogs can be!

On the next page, we have a wonderful clip compilation of French Bulldogs that shows just how special that particular breed is. They are observant, teachable, and probably cleverer than we ever thought. Although, if you already own a Frenchie you know all about their intelligence!

Go over and watch them. You will laugh and go “Awww!” and it will really make your day!

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