(Video) This Little Pug Puppy Disses the Person Holding Him by Throwing a Fit and Screaming!

pug scream

As much as we love and adore our fur babies, sometimes they just can't help but throw tantrums if they're in a sour mood.

Take this tiny Pug puppy for example. He's out on a walk with his owner and new doggy siblings, but he's not quite in the mood to be held. LOL!

As his owners start filming him in action, you're about to hear the funniest doggy noises you'll ever hear! This has got to be the cutest tantrum any doggy has ever thrown! LOL!

What could make this pooch happy? There really is no telling. LOL!

Watch and crack up at how this tantrum throwing Pug makes the loudest screaming noises ever on the next page!

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