(Video) This Pug Adores Bacon. Now Watch Her Eyes When Dad Gives Her a Piece…

bacon pug

We all have a favorite snack or meal that we enjoy more than others. It makes us happy and satisfies our cravings! LOL! For one Pug, bacon strips make her a very happy pooch! It's her lucky day today, too.

Her owner surprised her with her very own bacon bits to enjoy. How does this adored pooch react to her surprise snack? You'll love the expression in her eyes as she gobbles up those delicious bits of bacon in one fell swoop! LOL!

There is nothing cuter than a happy pooch that's munching on her favorite snack! If you don't believe it, you can see it for yourself!

Watch this lucky Pug devour some yummy bacon strips on the entertaining video on the next page!

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