Vital Doggie Halloween Safety Tips to Take Note of This October

Halloween Dog

While Halloween is a good time for kids, running from house to house trick or treating, it can be a rather stressful time for pets. They see odd costumes, little human forms running about, Moms and Dads out on the street calling for their children.

It has to be an overload to the senses for simple doggies who have always been taught to bark at the strange and threatening.

Of course, you can always take your dog with you, dress him up, and go from door to door with the kids. If you include him in with the festivities he might just enjoy himself and, after the initial jolt of seeing all those colorful costumes, he will be like another kid!

Still, you must be careful too. If Rover is over-sensitive to sights and sounds and cannot make such a transition, don’t torture him. It might just be a better idea to keep him home!

On the next page, we have some vital Halloween safety tips designed to keep your pooch safe and happy during all the craziness!

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