[VIDEO] This Pug Does NOT Want to Share with Baby — Too Funny!

pug and baby

“Oh no! A tiny human has taken over my house!”

At least, that's what one Pug is thinking when his human baby sister tries to take his toy away. Even though the baby has a ton of toys she has her eye on one toy and one toy alone. And it happens to be the Pug's toy!

The Pug isn't too happy about it either. He's not going to surrender his toy without a fight! LOL!

The baby continues to chase the Pug by crawling after him, but he isn't going to have any of it. He continues to hold onto his toy with all his might. And do you blame him?!

When a baby's in the house a lot changes, including the attention on the pooch in the house. This Pug deserves to keep at least one toy… don't you think?

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