Want Yawn Lessons? This Pug Will Teach You the RIGHT Way to Yawn – LOL!

yawning pug

There's just something utterly adorable about a sleepy pup. The way they have those dreamy eyes and relax in their beds can be so precious to watch!

You're about to “meet” a pug who is possibly the cutest sleepy pup around. Trust me, he really has the whole ‘adorable' factor down! LOL!

Do you want to look cute while yawning just like this doggy? If you do, you're lucky because you can take some lessons from this cute pug!

He'll show you 29 ways to make the most adorable yawn sounds and faces. You just won't be able to get enough of him! If you watch and learn closely, you'll be an adorable expert yawner in no time!

Take a few yawn lessons from this sleepy pug expert by watching the video on the next page!

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