(Video) This Pug is Pretty Upset. The Crazy Sounds She Makes? OMG!

mad pug

Uh-oh! When a spoiled doggy doesn't get her way, you better beware! LOL! You're in for lots of sass and attitude.

Although it's kind of funny to watch, we've got to give an angry pooch some space! In this hilarious video, one angry Pug shows her owner how upset she is.

When you hear the sounds, she makes? You'll be quite shocked to hear such an adorable pup make those insane sounds! LOL!

You need to watch this sassy Pug give her owner some attitude. It is just too funny to miss out on!

You'll never see a doggy give this much attitude again!

Watch how this angry Pug shows her owner that she is not in the mood to be messed with on the video on the next page!

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