(Video) This Bulldog Thinks a Pug is His Pillow. Now Watch This Cute Cuddle Fest!

pug pillow

We all know how much doggies love to cuddle. Whether it's with their favorite stuffed toy, their animal sibling or even their owner, doggies just can't say no to a good cuddle session.

Oftentimes, those cuddle sessions turn into a nice nap! LOL! While your pooch might fall asleep in the funniest and most comfortable positions, they might make others uncomfortable in the process!

Take this Bulldog for example. He is cuddling with his Pug sibling, but he falls into a deep sleep! It looks like he's mistaken his doggy sibling for a pillow! LOL!

When you see what happens next, you'll have a good laugh!

Watch this Bulldog cuddle and fall asleep on his Pug buddy on this funny video on the next page! This is hilarious and adorable at the same time!

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