(VIDEO) This Pug Perch Will Make You Want to Have a Snuggle Sesh With Your Pug Stat!

pug perch

Having one dog is a blast, but having more than one makes life all the more joyous! You get to enjoy more than one bundles of fur run outside in the back yard, bark at the trouble they think they see outdoors and make you smile on a regular basis.

Now imagine if you have two Pugs! Pugs who have one another do a great job at keeping one another company and plus, when you have to leave to run an errand or two, they can keep one another company! Who knows — they may even snuggle with one another!

The Pugs on today's video love one another, and that becomes very apparent when they use one another as a perch! Yes, a perch! If you're wondering how a dog can use another doggie as a perch, well, you're just going to have to watch the video! This video is so adorable — who wouldn't want to witness the precious moments of two doggies snuggling up next to one another!

After the break, see what it is about this adorable doggie perch that makes these two Pug siblings so precious!

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