What Does it Mean if Your Doggy Has Eye Boogers?

close up with Pug eyes

In a way, we actually worry a little if we don't see a secretion or “eye boogers” in our dogs' eyes. After all, they are a normal occurrence, the tear ducts doing their job, discharge developing when a pooch is running about and enjoying himself.

With activity comes all the things in the air, dust, and pollen, that are natural. They gather in our doggies eyes and – wallah – that “gunky junk”, as our nephew calls it, happens. It sits there, just waiting for us to wipe them away. Yes, it’s a little disgusting but it’s the price we pay for having a healthy dog.

That is until our dog isn’t.

If the discharge is too plentiful, too smelly or thick, it could also mean eye disease. Then, of course, you really do have a problem that will require veterinary care.

Want to prevent a serious situation?

After the break check out some tips that will let you know when that eye discharge is more serious than mere “eye boogers.”

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