(Video) This Pup is Never Allowed on the Bed. When Mom Finally Says Yes? This Joyous Moment is the BEST!

puppy on bed


We do understand why a dog owner may not want their beloved pooch on their bed. There is always the fear of flying fur, dander and whatever Fido might have tracked in from outside.

This can be especially harmful if Mommy or Daddy have allergies.

However, the playful pup on the next page is so tiny, exuberant, and special we can see why an exception was finally made.

Watch as this tiny tilt-a-whirl finds his inner wiener dog and goes to town on new territory, a big, beautiful king-size bed!

This truly is so adorable, a wonder for the eyes, and we feel as happy and free as this furry wonder. Wait until the end, though, because the way he shuts down is absolute… and hilarious!

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