(VIDEO) This Doggie Just Turned 10. Just How Excited He is to Blow Out His Candles? OMG, I Love This!

dog ten years old

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear doggie …

It is a yearly event that some of us enjoy and others really dislike. We suppose it depends on the individual – and if there is cake involved! LOL!

In this case, it is a very handsome and big adult pooch named Jager! He has just turned ten years old and to say he is excited about it is not giving Jager full credit!

He jumps and dances and barks and is so happy Momma remembered his special day!

Honestly, you need to visit the next page and take a look at this passionate and somewhat spastic pooch show one and all how special he feels on his birthday. And why not? You only turn ten years old once!

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