(Video) This Westie Loves Watching TV. Just How Intent She is on Watching THIS on the Screen? OMG!

netflix pup westie tv

While humans are known to have quite the obsession with television and watching the latest on Netflix, you'd be surprised to know that doggies are also big TV watchers.

Don't believe it? Well, this video is actual proof!

For one Westie, the television requires her full attention! This is not your typical “Netflix and WOOF!” LOL! She takes her television time very seriously and doesn't want to be disturbed while her favorite movies are on.

You need to see exactly what it is that she's watching on the screen. I guarantee you'll be laughing for days when you see what her favorite movie is! LOL!

Check out how this concentrating Westie sits on her favorite couch and watches her favorite movie on the next page!

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