(VIDEO) This Pug Puppy Attack is the Cutest One EVER. Watch How She Goes After Dad’s Toes, LOL!

pug puppy attack and cuteness

Gigi is a sweet puppy, a little more than three months old, and is energetic and full of wild ideas! If she had other puppies to play with to expel some of that unruly energy, she might be a bit calmer. But without she has to go for the next best thing – Dad’s toes!

Or, more specifically, Dad’s shiny white socks!

Over on page two you can watch how she manages to attack, play, pull and be really charming all at the same time. Now, she obviously does have the potential of being a well-trained pooch.

You can see, when she settles down for a few minutes, Gigi can sit, and her bright eyes tell a story of wanting to learn. Her head even tilts, attempting to decipher the sounds Dad is making.

However, her real joy is in going bonkers! Take a look after the break!

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