(Video) Watch How a Determined Kitten Tries to Get a Dalmatian’s Attention. Priceless!

Dalmation and kitten

The trouble this kitten goes through to just get the attention of a Dalmatian will melt your heart!

Most of the time cats and dogs do not want to have anything to do with each other. That's why when we saw how much this kitten wanted to get the attention of a Dalmation, OMG, it is so precious.

You will find it impossible not to smile and you may even chuckle. Clearly, this kitten just isn't going to give up.

While watching this video you may also even find yourself cheering this kitten on. If you are having a bad day, it will disappear after this!

To see just what this kitten does to get the Dalmatian's attention, please head on over to the next page and check out the video.

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