(Video) Mom Tells Husky it’s Time to Take a Bath. This is an Epic Tantrum No One Should Miss!

Reluctant bath dog

Poor Jäger has obviously been in this situation before. It is bath time and Mom does not seem to understand that it’s a Husky’s prerogative as to whether he really needs one.

Jäger does not think it is necessary. He’s a clean and fit dog – despite that run in with a mud puddle yesterday.

Obviously, his BFF doesn’t have a problem with bath time, happy to comply when Mom calls, but – Jäger thinks – he was never a very bright canine anyway! Baths are for chumps!

After the break go over to the next page and see if Jäger – a very vocal dog – manages to get away without taking a bath. Despite his boisterous rejection of the idea, we feel his Mom just may win this battle! LOL!

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