(VIDEO) Watch How This Dog Does ANYTHING to Get the Perfect Stick From a Tree and Looks Like Tarzan in the Process…

dog swinging from a tree

If you've ever gone on a hike to look behind you and realize that your pooch is getting into mischief, then you're going to love today's video. A doggy decides to play fetch… with a tree branch!

This isn't your typical game of fetch! Take a look on the next page at this determined pooch grab a fresh and organic stick from his favorite tree. Though, it looks like this tree isn't giving up a branch without a fight! LOL!

This doggy ends up looking like a swinging Tarzan as he bites on tightly to a branch. Guess he got tired of having to run back and forth to fetch a stick, this dog has definitely reinvented the game! LOL!

Will this video end with a triumphant pooch breaking off a huge stick from this tree or will the tree take him on for a wild ride?!

Watch what happens when this doggy tries to break off a piece off this tree on the next page!!

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