(VIDEO) Pug Puppy is Blissfully Sleeping… in a Baby Stroller?! SO Cute!

pug puppy in baby stroller

The middle of the day is the perfect time to catch a quick snooze before going about the rest of your day. It's the perfect time to rest and recharge your battery. Our furry friends strongly agree with naps as well! LOL!

Do you find yourself drifting off in the most random places sometimes? You might fall asleep at your desk or on a bench in the park. You know it's true!

If you do catch yourself falling asleep, then realize you're not alone. This Pug puppy catches some Z's in a really random place! Check out this sleeping pooch get very comfortable in a baby stroller! There seems to be no better place than that for this Pug!

Watch how this adorable Pug puppy falls asleep in a baby stroller on the next page! This is much too funny to miss!

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