(Video) Watch What Happens When a Frenchie Challenges Yoda. Hey Doggy – Not Ready, You Are! LOL!


When this Frenchie challenges Yoda to a battle it just way too funny!

Even though dogs are absolute sweethearts, they like to show off and prove how tough they can be. They will bark at almost anything. This Frenchie decides to challenge Yoda and oh boy, we couldn't stop laughing.

The encounter between Yoda and this sweet Frenchie is hilarious, to say the least.You almost want to feel bad for this dog but you can't help laughing.

This fur baby may have just met his match or maybe he just needs to learn how to use the force. No matter what, this fun video will make your day!

To see what happens when Frenchienchie challenges Yoda, please head on over to the next page and watch the video. 

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