(Video) This Sassy Puppy is Testing Mom’s Patience. What Mom Does to Get Her to Cool Her Jets? ROFL!

mom and pup

When doggies become parents, they experience a whole set of challenges just like human parents do!

Having an energetic puppy can really take a lot out of a new mom. In this video, one Frenchie mom is trying to calm her sassy puppy. Why? Well, this pup has just too much energy to burn and mom needs her sleep, LOL!

What she does to exhaust her pup? You need to see her amazing parenting skills at work!

For a new mom, Moxie the Frenchie sure knows how to take control of her pups. This adorable Frenchie family will teach us all a thing or two about parenting and patience! LOL!

Get ready to laugh your socks off!

Watch how Moxie the Frenchie mom decides to tire out her energetic and sassy new puppy on the video on the next page!

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