(VIDEO) When a Dog Sits in a Sink That’s too Small for Him, You’ll Never Guess How He Responds! Too Funny!

Frenchie in Sink

There are times when our animals truly surprise us. We give them food, a warm bed, freedom to walk around the house and yard, and all the love we can give. And still they often seek comfort and fun in other ways. Like a sink!

Oh, that sweet feel of cool porcelain against tender paws! Whoo Hoo!

While the sink itself maybe a little small for this sweet Frenchie, he is not going to let that stop him. He finds fascination even in the drain cap and steel fixtures! What a bright little pooch!

On the next page take a look at this small wonder as he explores and gets comfortable in the bathroom sink.

Who needs a plush doggy bed when one of these has been made available? LOL!

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