(VIDEO) When a Pug is Upset, You’re Never Going to Believe the Sounds He Makes…

cry pug

Now we've all heard our fair share of crying pooches. Whether they're throwing a hissy fit or trying to get our attention, there is plenty for a pooch to complain about! LOL!

However, some doggies like to be extra verbal about their complaints! LOL! Take a listen to this Pug. He is pretty upset, and you can tell right away by his crying noises.

When you hear how he cries, you won't believe your ears! The sounds he makes are just too hilarious. Seriously, if you take a listen, you'll know what I'm talking about! LOL!

Don't miss this hilarious pooch.

Listen to the hilarious crying sounds that this Pug makes on the video as he complains to his owner on the next page.

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