(Video) When Realizing He’s Going to be Adopted, Dog Performs Epic Happy Dance

Happy Dog

Adopting a puppy is often not an easy job. Depending on where it is you go, to a pet store, a breeder’s home, or a shelter, there are generally a lot of happy puppies and dogs just waiting around and wanting to be loved by you.

Decisions. Decisions.

The Pug puppy is adorable but so is that adult Dalmatian! Do you want a pooch that you need to train and cuddle for hours or maybe a dog that knows its own mind, gets that he needs to do his business outside already, and is perfectly happy snoozing at your feet as you work on your laptop?

As you might suspect, we are all for shelter adoption here on these pages so the video over on the next page nearly melted our hearts.

Here we have a dog that is so happy that he’s being adopted that he does an epic “happy dance”. It shows that dogs not only feel relief and happiness but can really show how they feel too!

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