(Video) Chained Without Any Contact, When Someone Finds Her, Her Eyes Say it All

rescued dog

How many times have we reported on dogs that have been taken away from homes because the owners are either abusive or have no clue how to take care of their furry family member?

Some people go in with the best intentions but are shocked that their newly adopted dog cannot regulate himself, needs to be trained, and when they feel they have lost control they tie the pooch up in the backyard and pretty much ignore him or her.

Many people do not understand that domesticated dogs are social animals. They want to be with you, They love to feel the pat you give them on the head. And when you keep them outside, even with a nice dog house, chained up and ignored, they feel sad and lonely. They feel unhappy and as if they did something terribly wrong!

The story on the next page is about Sarah, a hound that was neglected and rescued by PETA. It is a sad but truly inspiring story and we felt the need to share. So please go take a look and then hug your own dog!

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