(Video) When This Doggie is Forced to Share His Bone, How He Complains is Priceless…

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We often have to look closely at our first born and wonder what he or she is thinking. This is especially true when the siblings come along. Is number one happy with brothers and sister or annoyed?

The same is true with doggies! For the longest time, Taiyo the Bernese Mountain Dog ruled the house. But then something odd happened. More dogs, adopted Chihuahua puppies, started to show up.

Taiyo probably could have tolerated them, might have even had something in common with them, except for one thing.  These new little dogs are making a habit out of stealing his bones!

You might wonder how this first adopted furbaby deals with the pilfering, how he lets Mom and Dad know he is not pleased.

Head on over to page two and check out a video that reveals his inner torment!

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