(VIDEO) Whiny Pug Puppy is Quite the Conversationalist and She Knows How to Pull on Your Heart Strings!

Whining Pug

We are not altogether certain what the problem is. All we know is this adorable pup is trying to tell us something. Also, the cute Pug puppy on the next page is obviously disturbed about something vital.

On the other hand, we have an idea of what it might be. She probably wants to play, but there are no other puppies available to wrestle with. Then there is the person behind the camera she is pawing at. It is obvious this little diva, with all her snorting and adorable whining, wants more attention than she is getting!

How unfair!

We like to believe, once the camera is laid down and turned off, that this little darling got all the loving she wants, maybe a little playtime with Mom or Dad, but just from the look of her even hours of attention would probably not be enough!

Watch this feisty and cute little Pug after the break!

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