This Pug Fights SO Hard to Stay Awake and it’s the Most Adorable Thing!

pug tries to stay awake

Have you been so tired that you just can't stay awake? Most people if they're this tired eventually give up and take a nap. It's much too difficult trying to fight off the zzz's when the bed is just a few feet away. Am I right?

Well, there are others who may think differently. They don't want to miss the fun activities around them, and they will fight tooth and nail to stay awake… no matter the cost.

That's exactly what this adorable Pug does in today's video. When he could easily just lay down and take a nap, this Pug isn't quite ready to surrender to the zzz's quite yet. Whether he's afraid to miss out on the action or jut got done with a nap a few moments ago is uncertain, but one thing's for certain: The struggle is real!

There's no way this Pug is going to surrender to sleep anytime soon. And what happens next is hilarious.

After the break, watching a Pug fight and then fight some more to stay awake on this entertaining video. You'll never guess who wins this battle! LOL!

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