What Fruits Are Okay for My Dog to Eat?

dog in kitchen

Whenever we even look like we're heading to the kitchen, our dogs are quick to follow. The instant they hear the crinkle of a wrapper, the opening of the refrigerator or the clanking of utensils, they're right by our side as if there's some magnetic attraction going on.

Besides the fact that dogs have a talent for knowing when food is on our minds, they're also extremely adept at knowing how to get a piece of our meal, however small it may be.

You do your best not to look down at your furbaby while preparing food because you know the second you do, that eye contact will break your heart and force you to hand out a snack. It's inevitable!

For example, fruit is a food category we, as humans, eat often. Fruit is both healthy and nutrient-dense for us so we naturally think the same goes for our dogs. Depending on the type of fruit, that's not always the case. I even had a scare with my Yorkie due to one of the fruits on the list.

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