Pug Encounters a Fart Machine. What Happens Next? This is HYSTERICAL!

pug and fart machine

If you have a Pug, then you can probably relate to how comical it is when your Pug encounters something new, and he's not sure what to think of the new object. Some Pugs may completely ignore a new object whereas other Pugs get superstitious and how they act can be downright comical.

Tak Grimley the Pug, for example. When he encounters a strange item, which happens to be a fart machine, how will he respond? How he responds to the machine on the video is hysterical, to say the least!

I don't blame him for being unsure of this new “creature” in the house. First of all, it looks funny, and second of all it is making weird noises. Grimley has every right to be inquisitive!

Check out Grimley as he casually inches closer and closer, investigating the machine:

pug and fart machine

How exactly will Grimley the Pug respond to this strange object that's taking over his living room? Find out after the break! 

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