When This Pug Doesn’t Like a Cat, You’ll Never Guess What He Does Next – Insane!

Sampson the pug's temper tantrum

Well, I'm sure we've all seen babies and kids throw some terrible tantrums. They throw tantrums because they don't get their favorite candy or maybe because they want more playtime. Kids can get pretty loud with their screams and cries, right? LOL!

Well, so can doggies as it turns out. This Pug must have learned some bad tantrum habits because you'll never guess how he reacts to a cat! Samson the Pug is quite the character! LOL!

You won't believe what type of sounds he makes when a cat begins to taunt him. He just does not want to be around it nor deal with it! Watch to see how silly Samson acts around his least favorite animal. It's unbelievable!

So what exactly will go down when Samson the pug is taunted by a cat? Watch on the next page to find out!

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