Why Bicycle Safety is Important While Biking with Your Pooch

bike rider with dog

Get ready for some fun and safe cycling adventures with you pooch! Read to learn about some important safety tips!

Cycling can be a fantastic pastime to share with your four legged best friend.

It might seem like a daunting task and sure it wont happen overnight, but with these simple and clear guidelines you’ll eventually be able to work up to enjoying cycling with your dog by your side.

1. Firstly, make sure your dog is comfortable being around bikes

If you’re lucky enough to have a puppy then it’s just a matter of introducing them to being around bicycles as early as possible. If your dog is older and has some bad feelings towards bikes or if they’ve simply never been around them before then you can start simply by walking your dog next to your bike over the course of a few outings. Once you think they’ve become accustomed to its presence grab a friend and have them ride the bike nearby you and your dog in an uncrowded quiet park. Slowly bring the bike closer to your dog at each outing and eventually, though it might take a lot of effort, your dog should come to accept and not be phased by the bicycle.

2. Teach your dog the necessary verbal commands

While out on your usual walks try introduce commands for ‘slow’, ‘speed-up’, ‘left’, ‘right’ and also a sharp command for catching your dog’s attention for when they’ve become distracted by something in the surroundings. You’ll need these commands for your safety on the bike and to help fido anticipate any maneuvers or obstacles on the journey.

3. Build up little by little

Okay now that you’re all suited and booted and have started getting some basic commands going you’re ready to start out with some short rides. Remember to start off at a gentle pace that is comfortable for your dog. You don’t want them to be struggling to keep up or staring and pulling on the lead.

Now it’s just a matter of practice makes perfect. And don’t forget to give your dog tonnes of positive encouragement and feedback on the way!!

If you follow these tips and tricks, you and your pup will have the greatest time cycling. They'll learn new commands and enjoy more time with you in the outdoors.

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