This Courageous Family Turned Something Horrific Into Something Good in the Form of Therapy Dogs – SO Touching!

Charlotte and her dog Lilly

We've all heard about the horrific tragedy that happened in Sandy Hook Elementary. It was a dark day for everyone as they mourned the loss of 26 innocent lives. Even though this day will be etched in everyone's minds forever, for some they were able to take a tragic event and instill love and hope for the future.

In particular, the tragedy at Sandy Hook has inspired one family to shine some light and do good. A family named the Bacons are sharing an inspiring message of hope to the world after Sandy Hook.

This family wants to bring more therapy dogs to schools in America to help children adjust to any social and emotional anxieties they may be experiencing. They also have written and published two excellent books about therapy dogs and the immense joy and relief they bring to those in need. Learn their amazing story and we hope it inspires you to help others in one way or another too!

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Via Dogster / The Bacon family

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