Why is My Doggy Not Anxious to Go on a Walk?

walking a CHIHUAHUA with a loose leash

If there is one thing about most dogs that we can count on, it’s their anxiousness to be wherever we are. Then, when you call: “Time to go for a walk!” They are practically there with their leash dangling from acutely drooling mouth. It’s not just spending time with you, their beloved master, but because they get the opportunity to explore and sniff out new things!

Unfortunately, there are some pups – a very few –  that for one reason or another suddenly have no desire to take a walk.

There can be many reasons, a few do to age and infirmity, and in that case, we have to understand where our pooch is coming from. It has become uncomfortable for them to walk.

Also, the turn does not have to be medical. If we’ve ever had a big weekend out, hiking or shopping, we know how it is when we finally get home. We just want to veg out in front of the TV with a can of Coke or a beer. Our pups may feel the same way!

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