(VIDEO) A Couple Watch a Dog and Dad Go on a Motorcycle Ride… But it’s Not as You Would Expect!

dog bike

So, you think you've seen a dog ride a motorcycle with his owner before? This video begs to differ!

It might be a little unusual but still fathomable to see a doggy to ride on a motorcycle with his owner. Plus, you might also be wondering if it's safe, especially for a larger dog.

After all, there are doggy seats and special harnesses that can make the ride extra comfortable for the pooch. Even though we wouldn't recommend it, it is possible to take your pooch for a ride without a special harness. Just wait…

Well, you're definitely going to see a dog on a motorcycle here, but it's not at all what you expect! How can that be? You're really going to have to tune into this video to find out! I bet you've never seen this!

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