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Egg Of Puppies


A puppy’s dog bed is a place of comfort and relaxation. Next, to a dog crate, It is where Fido will go to get away from it all and feel secure.

Yet, when you have brothers and sisters it can be a little hard to find peace and quiet, unless all of the other puppies agree it is naptime. Then, of course, it’s not so bad. And actually, it is kind of nice to have the company of a warm doggie-body next to you when it’s time for a snooze.

But just how many brothers and sisters can you have in the doggie bed before it stops being comforting and starts to get a little ridiculous? To find out go to the next page! 

There you will see a nice litter of Basenji puppies. But just how many pups are in this crazy litter?!

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