2-Week-Old Puppy Enjoys His First Bath EVER — So Sweet!

puppy enjoying bath time

Baths are super relaxing, aren't they? You get to run nice warm water and depending on your preference you may even enjoy a bubble bath or relax in the tub while reading a good book. There's no doubt about it, bath time is a great time to relax and truly unwind after a hectic day.

Usually, dogs and puppies do not appreciate bath time as much as we do, but in today's video that is not the case. When a two-week-old puppy gets rescued the animal shelter gives him a bath and how he reacts is precious! It turns out this little cutie enjoys his first bath so much that he begins to fall asleep!

The shelter worked took notice to how much the pup was enjoying his bath and asked a friend to record the experience. Sure enough, the puppy continues to relax while being rinsed off in the sink and it's the cutest sight!

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