11 Things We Do That Our Dogs Absolutely Despise

upset pug

How, you may wonder, can we do anything that our dogs dislike? After all, they are always excited to see us when we walk into the house or apartment. They jump up and down, silently request snacks, and when brought up close want to lick our faces! Certainly, there is nothing we do that they do not like!

We beg to differ. Or, at least, they beg but we differ. LOL!

Dogs have their own set of standards. Yes, they want love and affection but when we do things that we feel they must love like hugging and kissing, you may be stunned to learn they are not as sweet on the idea as we are.

Not saying, of course, this is one hundred percent for all dogs. But, for the most part, dogs tolerate some of the things we do with truly liking it. As a matter of fact, they secretly despise it!

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