5 Easy Ways to Make Fido Happier Today

happy dog

There are many ways you can make your doggy happier today.

Part of your pooch being happy is by providing her with some structure. If she knows when she can look forward to walks at certain times of the day, she'll be healthier both physically and mentally.

Also, if you find she loves to play games like hide and seek or play with a Kong toy that has treats hidden inside, reward her with these activities regularly. Keep your pooch happy and you'll be happy right along with her! VetStreet has additional happiness tips so don't forget to check out more of their tips below:

1. Give her great self-entertainment options like food puzzles.
Most of us are guilty of giving our pets extra treats to compensate for not spending enough time with them, but we all know that's not a great plan. Giving your pup new and interesting ways to get her daily nutrition is a far healthier option.
Behaviorist Dr. Wailani Sung is a big proponent of food puzzles, which are toys created to hide food so your pet has to work to find it. “Puzzle toys/interactive toys are great in keeping our dogs mentally stimulated,” she explains.

2. Organize outings to see other dogs or people.
Want to make sure your dog gets to see his canine buddies but don't have much time? Do what parents of human children do: Plan play dates.

Of course, if your dog isn't interested in his fellow pups, you can also take him out to an establishment designed for humans but that is dog friendly, like a coffee shop with a patio.

3. Provide some structure.
When it comes to rest and activity, that's something your dog enjoys, too.

So, making a point to always give your dog a walk or play session — even a short one — at the same time of day isn't just good motivation for you; it also can be beneficial to her state of mind.

4. Teach her a new trick.
When you use positive reinforcement to teach a dog a new trick, it becomes more like a game than anything else. And, yes, that's even true for the stubborn ones. The best thing about this is that you don't need to dedicate an hour every day to training — five minutes here and 10 minutes there of focused attention is all you really need.

5. Make daily grooming more of a bonding opportunity than a chore.
Do you dread brushing your dog almost as much as she dreads you trying to brush her teeth?. Sure, you probably look at it as something you just need to get done, but what if your routine became a five-minute ritual you both looked forward to?

Give her plenty of positive reinforcement and move slowly, making sure to give her love, praise, belly rubs and treats as you go.

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