(VIDEO) Watching These Adorable Pug Puppies Get a Bath Will Give You Some Serious Feels!

pug puppy bath time

AWW! It's mommy and puppy bonding time! You'll melt after watching this tender moment between a new mother and her adorable pug pups! It looks like it's bath time and the mommy pug named Ivy knows how to clean up her puppies best!

Freddy, Suzie, and Ivan get a lovely tongue bath by their mommy, and it's so sweet to watch. It's also adorable to see them bonding like that!

We all know how important it is for puppies to recognize their mother's scent! Bath time is a perfect time for them to learn and recognize their mom's smell.

Besides all of the sweetness this video possesses, you'll want to keep watching because it looks like one of the pups wants to skip bath time! LOL! Who could it be?

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