7 Smart and Sweet Ways to Give to Doggies That Need Your Help

dog in need

If you've volunteered at an animal shelter or have adopted a pup of your own, then you know how many dogs, cats, and other animals are in need of a good home. But since not everyone can adopt as many dogs as there are in animal shelters, you may be wondering what else you can do to help.

If you currently own just one pooch who is friendly, you may consider fostering a dog or two in your home. Fostering gives an animal in need the opportunity to feel loved in a temporary home and later for you to let the adopter know about the dog's personality and habits. It also will give your doggy a temporary friend to play with!

Other ways you can help sweet pooches in need includes donating used towels, blankets, and other supplies that you feel an animal shelter can use. If you're not sure what they accept visit their website or give them a call to find out. Before you throw out old linens, you can give them to a local shelter instead!

There are still several more ways you can help doggies in need, so visit the next page to get the scoop.

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