This Elderly Pug’s Life Changed for the Better… All Due to a Pair of Socks


All dogs, once they get to a certain age, need to be treated with a bit more respect and – yes – gently. They just don’t have the getup and go they once had. You can see it in the way they climb stairs, snap slowly to attention when it’s time to play or walk, and how much they sleep.

They are our loves so we tolerate their inconsistency, incontinence, and irritability, knowing the poor dears may not be with us much longer.

If there is a way to make their later years more comfortable we will do what it takes and for one family with a faithful elderly pug, they found the means to doggy happiness by covering four frail but still usable paws!

After the break, go on over to the next page and read about a sweet but limited pug who got her groove back simply by wearing socks! Who new a pair of socks could help an adorable pooch out so much!

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