This Pug Hugging Her Dad is The Sweetest Video You’ll See Today!

pug hugging his dad

Everyone needs a nice hug every once in a while. Most dogs are affectionate with their owners, but that's not always the case. When you do have a pooch that love to give you hugs, though, you should enjoy them!

Daisy, the pug, is trained to give her dog a hug, but I think she still enjoys being close to her dad. When this pug's dad asks her to “give me a hug,” she does so immediately, and the look on her face is super adorable.

Her hug doesn't last very long, though, so her dad continues to ask her to hug him. He also follows up the command by saying “Aww,” which if you aren't listening carefully actually sounds like Daisy! I think this cute dad is enjoying his hugs way too much, don't you?!

I don't blame him — pug hugs are the best!

Watch this adorable pug and her dad embrace on the second page. It's SO sweet!

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