(VIDEO) When a Pug Meets Furby the Toy How They Interact is Downright Comical

pug vs furby toy

Growing up with Furbies being a big fad, it's easy to say that even after all these years, the Furby will always confuse and amuse people. LOL!

This curious Pug, for example, doesn't seem to understand what this toy does! Of course, the best part of the Furby toy is watching how it interacts with others, including dogs. In fact, it's all the more comical watching to see how a dog responds to this toy, LOL!

This adorable pug isn't sure what to think of his first encounter with this strange toy. You'll have to discover whether they'll hit it off right away or if the pug feels threatened by the Furb. Who knows — maybe they will become the best of friends!

You need to watch and find out. The results are hilarious!

Watch what a silly pug does after meeting a Furby toy for the first time after the break.

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