8 Reasons Why Someone Should NEVER Own a Pug

precious pug puppy

Pugs are a doggie breed that many people love. With this dog's big eyes, fun personalities and curly tail, it's hard not to enjoy a Pug for many reasons.

But let's be real. We just don't get why Pugs are so popular, but we'll go with it. And why do Pug owners think they can treat their pooch like an actual child?! Seriously?

That's why we feel it's important to warn you that if you're considering getting a Pug stop now because that's an atrocious idea. It's simple, and we're going to prove it. Pugs just don't make good pets. Period.

I mean, who would want to be stuck with a cute puppy like this?! He's just going to have a ball chewing up his bed, playing with the toilet paper and peeing all over your carpet anyway.

pug chewing on sheets

After the break, check out some paramount reasons why you should NEVER get a Pug. If you're thinking about having a Pug be a part of your family you should definitely change your mind. We're hoping that the following truths will sway you otherwise! 😉 

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