Common Doggy Illnesses Many Pet Parents May Not be Aware Of. Knowing These Illnesses Now Could Save a Dog’s Life!

sick pug

We recognize the more common ailments in our dogs, the coughs and congestion, often do to allergy season but there is illnesses our fur-babies contract that we are unaware of.

We just know they are not behaving like they once did. Maybe they are slow to get up and move, or they seem to be drooling far more than they used to.

Are they ill or is it simply the passenger of time? It may be a combination of both, but it is always recommended to visit a veterinarian if there are any questions. If for no other reason it will ease your mind.

Also, illnesses or diseases you never dreamed of may be detected by your dog’s doctor. Some of them may fit into the list on the next page. Take a look at some common doggy illness pet parents may not be aware of!

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