Why Does My Dog Always Follow Me Around?

pug and human together

If you’ve ever had children, you know what it is to have a kid underfoot, constantly following you around. Even the suggestion: “Jimmy, go play with your train,” usually only has a temporary effect.

Later, when Jimmy gets older and more independent, we find ourselves missing those days, but until then we are flummoxed!

Now, switch Jimmy with your dog, Rover. You go to the kitchen; he’s there. You go to the bathroom, and he wants to follow you in. You can’t even go into the bedroom to change clothes without Rover sitting there, watching you!

The difference between Jimmy and Rover is Rover now an eight-year-old dog, and he still wants to be by your side at all times. What gives?

Security and separation anxiety are probably essential. A dog may be happy, but they are seldom one hundred percent secure.

How can we wean them from this behavior? Go over to the next page for some ideas!

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