(VIDEO) This Pug is Getting Ready for a Show! Now Watch How the Grooming Process Goes…

Pug Bath

All entertainers go through an interesting process when they want to show us, their public, a side of themselves that we envy and wish we could emulate!

Think of the pampering, experts washing and fixing their hair, skin massages, conditioning – making sure that coat is perfection! Oh, we are talking about doggies now!

On the next page, we have a very handsome young Pug readying himself for the big show – dog show that is. Momma is making sure he’s clean and at his best even if, at times, it looks like puggy may not appreciate her fussing!

But it is all for the show and if this little guy wants to make an impression he has to show the judges he’s show-quality! Go over and take a look at his grooming process!

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