Dad Takes a Picture of His Little Girl by a Horse, Then Takes a Second Look and Can’t Stop Laughing

girl with horse

This horse is very photogenic. When a dad snaps a picture of his daughter with a Clydesdale, the results are amazing. You need to see this snapshot!

Births, marriages, holidays— photographs are a great way to memorialize any occasion.
If you’re lucky, you’ll get an amazing photo for the collection— but if you’re really lucky you’ll encounter a photobomb of epic proportions.

That’s exactly what happened to this little girl when a day out with her family turned her and one happy horse into instant viral celebrities.

This little girl was likely enjoying a beautiful day of festivities, spending time with her family while watching large Clydesdale horses walk in (what appears to be) some sort of parade.

The little girl stood before the majestic creature, awaiting the flash. “Say ‘cheese!’ the person behind the camera calls out.

Whatever the original source though, people just can’t seem to get enough of the grinning steed:

via: Facebook.

According to PetMD, Clydesdale horses are known to be tender and gentle, but also have a spirited personality and sharp intelligence— characteristics that are pretty evident, if this grinning guy is any indication!

WOW! What a hilarious horse! LOL! He just can't help but smile along with the little girl in that picture! It has got to be the best photobomb ever! We just can't get enough!

If you want to know more about this incredible picture, be sure to check out Shareably.

Featured Image via: Facebook

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